Proposal on Grace Bay Beach

The Turks and Caicos has for years been a favorite destination for families, couples, weddings and corporate incentive trips.  More recently, however, a new very popular reason for coming to our turquoise waters and white sand beaches is to make a wedding proposal.  Normally, our portrait business caters primarily to discerning women who wish to document some sort of event.  The wedding proposal is an emerging and growing sector that caters to men who are in search of the best professional Turks and Caicos photographer who can capture that magical moment when he drops to a knee and pops the question.  Well that is exactly what Desmond wanted to do when he contacted Paradise Photography.  He did not want his girlfriend Jordan to suspect anything.  So he insisted that I position myself on a beach chair within site of a heart in the sand that Jordan’s sister and mother had prepared.  In fact Jordan didn’t even know that they had made the trip from Alabama to participate in the event.  And what a surprise it was when everything came together and Desmond dropped to a knee, and popped the question with mom and sister as witnesses.  Of course Jordan said yes, and the rest is history.  The photos were a lovely start to the wedding plans.  I’m sure this handsome couple will be returning for a family photo session some time in the very near future. All the best to Desmond and Jordan in their new lives together.


Paradise Photography is a boutique photography company located in Turks and Caicos specializing in Portrait and WeddingPhotography.  Click here to save your date!

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