Dog Portraits for Christmas

One of our most anticipated Christmas traditions is photographing Larry and Nanine’s three dogs for their annual Christmas card. They have a yellow, black and chocolate lab.  Colby is yellow lab and former service dog. Captain and Caesar are black and chocolate labs that finish out this friendly canine trio.  The dogs spend most of their time in the Northeast but they also are frequent visitors to Turks and Caicos.


Nanine is super creative so ever year she does something unique and beautiful for their cards. We’ve done the beach before. With all of the beautiful renovations that have been done at Villa Mandalay, the villa they own on Long Bay, it was only natural to do this year’s photo session there.  Larry and Nanine painted the villa in bright white and redid their pool which has a gorgeous mother-of-pearl fountain which sparkles in the daytime.  The lush landscaping with all of tropical greens and bright fuchsia colored bougainvillea in bloom provided for a festive backdrop.


It takes a team to work together when we photograph the three very well-behaved labs. First of all, it’s hot here and the three dogs are used to the cooler temperatures up North. Plus, trying to keep their attention so they all look the right way takes all hands on deck! But every year, we always get so many amazing shots because Larry does such a good job with getting them to sit and stay while Nanine adjusts their Christmas collars to get everything perfect.


We love that the dogs mean so much to Nanine and Larry. They are a huge part of the local charity scene, and they are always flying rescued local Potcake puppies home to the US for adoption. This year we know lots of hearts will melt when they receive their holiday cards featuring Captain, Cesar, and Colby.  


Every year we look forward to doing such a unique and fun Christmas card photo session.

We already are looking forward to next year!!

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