Fun in Turks & Caicos

Diana and her family of men are from the great landlocked state of Colorado.  They are used to a lot of snow and no beaches.  So, when it came to deciding where to spend their March winter vacation they chose what they heard of as the best island with the best beaches in the world.  And that meant they were destined for the Turks and Caicos Islands.  And then Diana wanted to stay in one of the best private villas on Providenciales which lead her search to Villa Brisas Der Mer on Long Bay.  And then she wanted to document their stay with a family photo session, and her next choice was finding the best professional family photographer in the Turks and Caicos, which lead her search to Paradise Photography.  Well, everything went as planned.  The whole family was color coordinated in their dress, and because the weather was slightly overcast, the colors of the water and the sky matched beautifully with the colors of their attire.  The McKees were a very relaxed and fun loving group.  So, they agreed to do a lot of nontraditional ideas like piggy back and running and jumping.  All of us had a great time, and the photos showed that mood.

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