Sisters celebrate engagement together

Turks and Caicos has many lodging options for the savvy traveler to choose from.  The very popular villa option has become increasingly a favorite among families for many reasons.  For example, when Cindy O’Connor decided to stay at the beautiful Villa Vieux Caribe at Taylor Bay, she did so because it was situated on one Providenciale’s finest and least frequented beaches.  She also wanted to spend her vacation in the Turks and Caicos with her best friend’s family.  Therefore, they decided to stay at the same villa and share in the expenses.  Additionally, the villa option gave them the privacy that they wanted during COVID-19.

This family photo session was unusual in another interesting way.  Both of Cindy’s identical twin daughters were recently engaged and were also to be married within the same year.  And they had their fiances with them.  This photo session was to be their engagement photo session as well.  It was very windy when I showed up.  We, therefore, decided to do the entire session at the villa instead of on the beach. We started at the front of the house where we took a photo of both families together.  We then moved to the backside of the villa which had a view of Taylor Bay in the background.  I was careful to spend equal and ample time with each of the engaged twins and their respective fiances.  I also made sure I captured portraits of each individual person of the group because Cindy had mentioned that she wanted to create a family album which included group images, couple photos, and individual shots.  All in all the session went very well.  Cindy was very pleased with the outcome especially since, due to the high winds,  we did not do the session at the beach.

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